St. Louis International Courier Services

On board Courier Services from St. Louis, Missouri

Courier time-sensitive commercial and personal documents, packages, and commercial mission critical components with next day on board courier delivery to nearest major airport.

How it Works

Provide your requested pickup city, destination, and pickup time-frame. We'll confirm availability, pricing, and anticipated timeframe before confirming your dispatch. Your hand-carry will originate from the departure airport and will be delivered to your local ground contact at the arrival airport. We'll position from St. Louis, Missouri to anywhere in the United States to pick up your package and then see it on to its final destination in the hands of an on board courier!

St. Louis Air Hand Carry Service



Due to conditions or circumstances outside of reasonable control, all services are provided on a best-effort basis. Situations may arise that may cause disruptions or delays including but not limited to weather, mechanical, aircraft crew. air traffic control, industrial action, military or political restrictions, geographic calamities such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, and snowstorms.


Dispatch Package Sizes 

Whenever possible, hand carry dispatches will remain within the physical possession of the courier however it is possible that they may need to be checked due to size or weight limitations. Hand carry dispatches in boxes or containers that exceed carry-on roller-board sizes must be placed in suitcase not to exceed 50 pounds total including the weight of the suitcase. Exceptions can be made for up to 95 pounds if checked baggage is required.


Limitations & Liability

Apart from documents, hand-carry packages must be presented at departure for review and may be subject to additional inspection and search by domestic and/or international security screening as well as custom officials. Dispatches may not contain contraband, weapons, currency, banned, hazardous, or prohibited substances (including but not limited to chemicals, liquid or other materials such a electronics, components, or designs thereof subject to United States export restrictions). This applies to parts, liquids, or substances that resembled members of the aforementioned list. All export paperwork must be provided by the sender and any taxes, fees, tariffs, or duties are the responsibility of the sender. If not pre-paid, any of the aforementioned costs will be charged to the sender if assessed. The courier is not responsible for detained, lost, damaged, or stolen packages and by using this service you agree to indemnify the courier from all liabilities in any jurisdiction for any cause.


For our St. Louis international on board courier services, unless otherwise requested, common carrier travel is used with ticket costs, taxes, and fees including change fees (if required for delivery purposes) charged to sender. For space and storage purposes, international segments with premium economy is used while flight segments without premium economy are ticketed into economy class unless that class of service is not available.

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Scheduling a Package

To inquire about on board courier services and schedule availability, please complete the form below or call (636) 283-0161!

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